Jewellery Education

  • Diamond cut

    Diamond cut

    A diamonds cut grade has the greatest impact on what we refer to as sparkle from the stone. When we speak about...

  • Diamond Clarity

    Diamond Clarity

    Clarity refers to imperfections that can be seen in the diamond. This is widely talked about by consumers as being...

  • Diamond Color

    Diamond Color

    A diamonds color grade can range from D-Z. It is graded on its lack of color or whiteness of the diamond. The less..

  • Carat weight

    Carat weight

    Carat weight measures the total weight of the diamonds that are set in your item. Whether there is one diamond, or...

  • Diamond Shape

    Diamond Shape

    Diamond cut also known as shape: This refers to the shape of the diamond. Diamonds are offered in many different shapes ...

  • Clarity Enhancement

    Clarity Enhancement

    Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural earth mined diamonds. Almost every diamond has natural inclusions...

  • Certificaton Education

    Certificaton Education

    When purchasing jewelry you should make sure it is certified by a reputable store or company. Be sure that...

  • Fancy Colored Diamonds

    Fancy Colored Diamonds

    Color enhanced diamonds also known as fancy colored diamonds diamonds are 100% natural earth mined...

  • Setting Educations

    Setting Educations

    Multiple diamonds are set close together and are kept secure by gem spurs and beads. These beads are made of precious metal.