Diamond Cut

A diamonds cut grade has the greatest impact on what we refer to as sparkle from the stone. When we speak about a diamonds cut grade we are referring to its performance of light entering into the stone and then being reflected out. A diamond that has been cut properly will allow light to enter into the stone and be reflected out through the top as sparkle. If a diamond is cut incorrectly, the light entering will be lost and the diamond will not sparkle properly. When a diamond is cut properly not only will it allow more light to be reflected, but it can also make the stone appear larger since it will not be shallow or deep.

Cut Grades

Ideal Cut

This cut is very popular and it allows the diamond to reflect almost all light that enters into it.

Very Good Cut

Very similar to the ideal cut in that it reflects almost all light that enters into it. Slightly less reflection then the ideal but still a great value.

Good Cut

This cut reflects most light that enters but still slightly less then the very good cut. This cut is more reasonable and is what most retail stores keep in stock and is what is most used in multiple diamond items such as bracelets or pendants.

Fair Cut

This cut allows a good amount to be reflected as sparkle. A good value but it does not allow as much sparkle as a Good cut.

Front Jewelers does not carry shallow or deep cut diamonds.

Diamond Cut

What Cut Grade Should I Purchase?

When considering the grade you should also keep in mind budget. The best value grades are good cut and very good cut. Both create great sparkle.

Diamonds Cut