Front Jewelers was first established in 1979 on Jewelers' Row in Philadelphia, Pennylvania. We have been designing and handcrafting unique, fine jewelry ever since!

Throughout the years, Front Jewelers has evolved to be an exclusively online company with corporate offices based in Florida. Doing so has enabled us to expand immensely by constantly bringing new designs to life and making them available to the entire world at extremely competitive prices!.


Blue Diamond

Engagement Rings

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

While the perfect classic diamond is completely free of any color, many women prefer a hint of hue in their engagement ring to create visual interest and added beauty. The fire and clarity of a blue diamond engagement ring can symbolize love and commitment in every glittering facet. The stones in our blue diamond engagement rings are classified as fancy color diamonds and are cut and polished to show their inner fire. Every blue diamond ring we sell is a unique and enduring work of art that you and your loved one will treasure.