Carat Weight

Carat weight measures the total weight of the diamonds that are set in your item. Whether there is one diamond, or a numerous amount the total carat weight is measured. An example of the total carat weight is if you have a ring with ten diamonds weighing .20ct each, then the total carat weight is 2.0ct also noted as 2.0cttw. When comparing diamonds many people refer to the carat weight as a correct measure of its size, but this is incorrect. If the diamond is not cut properly the diameter of the stone will not correlate correctly with its carat weight. For instance say you have two 3.0ct diamonds. One with a very good cut and one with a deep cut. The very good cut stone will look much larger in diameter then the same carat weight but noticeably smaller deep cut diamond. The correct way to measure a solitaire's weight is not only by its carat weight but also by its diameter across the top of the diamond in millimeters.

What Carat Weight Should I Choose?

That is a matter of personal preference coupled with budget and finger size. The smaller the finger the larger the diamond will look. Prices tend to jump drastically at half and full carat weights. Diamonds below these marks are significantly cheaper, but look the same size. When staying in a certain budget but looking for the largest stone possible you should select a VS-SI clarity and G-H color diamond. They will give you the best value.