Colored Diamond Education

Colored Diamond Education

Color enhanced diamonds, also known as fancy colored diamonds, are 100% natural earth mined diamonds that are irradiated to achieve their fancy colors such as yellow, blue, red etc. The process that they go through to get those colors is known as irradiation. Irradiation is a process that is only used on natural diamonds, which uses high energy electron particles in a laboratory to make the diamonds become their rare colors. This should not be confused with a clarity enhanced, or synthetic diamond because these irradiated diamonds are 100% natural diamonds, just irradiated to get these very rare colors. This process allows you to buy more beautiful diamonds with fancy colors for your money than ever before.

The Benefits:

1. Their Absolute Beauty

Diamonds are brilliant, lustrous, and glowing. Irradiating them with vivid and intense color allows you to achieve a fancy vivid color that has the same sparkle, but with new, rare colors.

2. Price

The prices, in most cases of colored diamonds, are relatively the same as white diamonds. That is due to the fact that white diamonds are irradiated to achieve their fancy colors. Natural colored diamonds are extremely expensive and out of the reach of most buyers. This process now allows the common consumer to purchase beautiful colored diamonds for a reasonable price.

3. Demand

Colored diamonds are now one of the main lines carried by many high end jewelers due to their increase in demand. The public now looks to these diamonds as an ongoing trend for the future.

4. Permanence

Colored diamonds will permanently keep their vivid colors as long as they are not heated directly above 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The only heat that should not be put on it is the direct heat from a jeweler's torch. All jewelers are aware of this, but should be told by you, the consumer, before they work directly on the item.

5. Exclusivity

Colored Diamonds are very exclusive due to their rarity. Many high end and well known jewelers carry them, but not nearly as many as you will find at Front Jewelers.

Color enhanced diamonds are universally recognized. They have become increasingly popular as jewelers and designers have realized the potential of their magnificent colors, availability and affordability.