Diamond Color

Diamond Color

A diamonds color grade can range from D-Z. It is graded on its lack of color or whiteness of the diamond. The less color a diamond has the higher on the color grade scale it is placed. Color is very important since after sparkle it seems as though color is the first thing we notice when looking at a diamond.

Color Gradings

D is an absolutely colorless very rare diamond.

E-F are colorless diamonds. Only an expert gemologist can detect any trace of color.

G-H, these are near colorless diamonds. The color is slightly noticeable if compared to diamonds of higher grade, at the same time these diamonds provide the greatest value to the consumer.


I-J quality diamonds are near colorless. Color is slightly noticeable.

K-Z grade diamonds range from yellow to brown and are not sold by Front Jewelers.


What Color Grade Should I Purchase?

Anything I or above is a good color range to try and stay in. F-G-H are the most popular, with G-H color being the best value. These diamonds are near colorless and the color can usually only be detected by a highly trained gemologist.