Diamond Education

Front Jewelers Education and Guidance

Please take a moment to read our extensive education section. It highlights keys aspects you should be aware of when purchasing jewelry. All consumers should have proper knowledge allowing them to make an educated decision. Whether it be in a brick and mortar store or on the internet our guide will provide you with everything needed. At frontjewelers.net we are motivated to provide the best customer service, which entails educating a customer about their future purchase.

Diamond Cut

A diamonds cut grade has the greatest impact on what we refer to as sparkle from the stone. When we speak about a diamonds cut grade we are referring to its performance of light entering into the stone and then being reflected out. A diamond that has been cut properly will allow light to enter into the stone and be reflected out through the top as sparkle...

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Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to imperfections that can be seen in the diamond. This is widely talked about by consumers as being very important, but in most cases it has a very small relation to the diamonds sparkle and appearance. The reason for this is that these imperfections are microscopic. Natural inclusions or blemishes are in almost 99.9% of all diamonds...

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Diamond Color

A diamonds color grade can range from D-Z. It is graded on its lack of color or whiteness of the diamond. The less color a diamond has the higher on the color grade scale it is placed. Color is very important since after sparkle it seems as though color is the first thing we notice when looking at a diamond...

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Carat Weight

Carat weight measures the total weight of the diamonds that are set in your item. Whether there is one diamond, or a numerous amount the total carat weight is measured. An example of the total carat weight is if you have a ring with ten diamonds weighing .20ct each, then the total carat weight is 2.0ct also noted as 2.0cttw...

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Diamond Shape

Diamond Cut also known as Shape: This refers to the shape of the diamond. Diamonds are offered in many different shapes and forms. At Frontjewelers our most popular shape is round, but after that is princess cut. We offer fancy shapes which are referred to as any shape other then round diamonds...

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Clarity Enhancement

Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural earth mined diamonds. Almost every diamond has natural inclusions or imperfections that are graded in terms of clarity. The clarity enhancement term refers to a revolutionary process that eliminates "feathers", which naturally appear in most diamonds...

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