What are Black Diamonds?

What are Black Diamonds?

Many of us had neither seen nor heard of a black diamond until recently. Over the past few years, their popularity has grown tremendously. Their most significant introduction occurred in the Sex and The City 2 movie when Carrie Bradshaw was given a stunning black and white diamond ring by Mr. Big.

The ring consisted of a 5.0ct black diamond surrounded by smaller clear diamonds on its hidden halo and down its band. Mr. Big told Carrie he chose a black diamond because it was a beautiful representation of Carrie's uniqueness. Carrie's engagement ring became the talk of the town and created quite a stir in the jewelry world. Until then, most people, even jewelers, were not aware of black diamonds and what an extraordinary engagement ring option they made! Flash forward to today, black diamonds are hugely popular and it’s easy to see why, but they still remain so mysterious. As a company that specializes in these beautiful diamonds, we are excited to shed some light on them!

What is a Black Diamond?

Black diamonds, like clear diamonds, are formed in the earth. They are created in the earths layers over thousands of years and are mined just like the traditional clear diamonds everyone knows. Once mined, diamond cutters view the rough diamond in its natural form and cut it to the most ideal size, shape and quality possible. Black Diamonds happen to be much more difficult to cut than clear diamonds. This is directly caused by the amount of carbon and graphite in them as well as their polycrystalline formation. They, unlike most other diamonds, have an abundance of hard and soft spots which make a quick and easy cutting process impossible. The hard and soft spots are present due to the increased amount of inclusions in the rough form of a black diamond.

What gives a black diamond its color?

A black diamond’s color is derived from its chemical composition which includes minerals like graphite, hematite and carbon. In addition, they also have a large number of carbon derived inclusions, green spots and an overall gray undertone which all contribute to their darker appearance. Though some like the raw look of these inclusions, most prefer a cleaner look which is why 99% of black diamonds used in jewelry today are color treated / enhanced.

Color Treated Black Diamonds – What are they and why are they enhanced?

A treated or enhanced black diamond is a natural black diamond that has undergone a heat / irradiation treatment to disperse and darken its color. These treatments are done in a laboratory's controlled environment. Once the process is completed, a once grayish green black diamond is transformed into an opaque diamond that is fully black in color. It is a permanent treatment as the color is from within the diamond. Black diamonds that are fully black in color with minimal visible inclusions are preferred by most. This is why mines and dealers have their stones enhanced before putting them on the market. These are the black diamonds primarily used in the modern day jewelry world. They are featured in celebrity engagement rings belonging to Carmen Electra, Kat Von D and many more along with Carrie Bradshaw's unforgettable black diamond engagement ring!

Why are Black Diamonds considered unique?

For centuries, the typical stone used in engagement rings has been a clear diamond. There has been an exciting and dramatic change in this trend in recent years. Many are opting for alternative bridal and engagement rings. This term generally refers to any ring that doesn’t have a traditional clear diamond as its center focal point. Black diamonds are leading the charge as the new stone used in alternative engagement rings. Their dark hue gives them a unique look, but they are actually more unique than they seem. Due to their inclusions and unique properties, it is impossible for two black diamonds to be cut the same or have the same inclusion placements. Each black diamond is truly one-of-a-kind!

Are Black Diamonds The Right Stone for an Engagement Ring?

A black diamond is most often chosen for the unconventional, non-traditional woman who wants to wear something different than the average engagement ring. A black diamond surely stands out and makes a statement. The rise in black diamond sales have come mostly in the form of black diamond engagement rings similar in overall style to Carrie Bradshaw’s ring. They normally contain a black diamond center stone with clear diamond accents. Another alternative that has seen its popularity rise is a black diamond center stone with black diamond accents. Either choice is beautiful and perfect for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

Are Black diamonds more fragile than traditional clear diamonds?

Although Black diamonds have a higher amount of soft and hard spots before being cut, they are not more fragile than traditional clear diamonds. The girdle is the most fragile part of a diamond and where cracks most commonly originate.Traditional, clear diamonds typically have thinner girdles for the sake of light refraction. Because of the inconsistencies inside of black diamonds, they are cut with a thick, h2 girdle.

Are Black Color Enhanced Diamonds Easy to Purchase?

Yes and No. Yes, any jeweler can technically seek a black diamond supplier and purchase a black diamond to sell in their store, but if they are not experts in the field they most likely do not know what to look for as far as quality,cosmetics and many more important attributes.A jewelry company who specializes in black diamonds will be more knowledgeable and equipped to sell them as they are experts in the unique characteristics of black diamonds and are better able to choose the best and most valuable stones for their customers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]