Morganite: Why we're going gaga for it!

Morganite: Why we're going gaga for it!

Yes, Front Jewelers is known to stray away from the idea of a "typical" engagement ring. We are constantly procuring diamonds and gems from around the world; carefully hand-selecting only the most special and unique. The moment we laid eyes on a Morganite, we knew we'd encountered something exceptionally special and absolutely could not wait to start using it in our designs!

The striking, yet soft, pinkish to peachy tones of Morganite are immediately intriguing! Because Morganite is transparent, the shine of its facets are intense and unobstructed. When looking at a Morganite, you just can't help but be mesmerized by its warm, fiery sparkle as you gently move it from side to side!

Morganite is in the beryl family along with the very popular and well known Emerald and Aquamarine. When it was discovered in 1910 in Madagascar, it was given the name of Rose Beryl. Shortly after, The New York Academy of Sciences renamed the stone Morganite after financier J.P. Morgan. Morgan was a prominent gem collector who gifted gems, some of which from his own collection, to the American Museum of Natural History and to the Museum of Natural History. Who knew?!

With its romantic hues and captivating sparkle, it's no wonder Morganite is fabled to cleanse the heart and open it up to unconditional love! It is also said to aid in developing trust, release unhealthy emotional patterns, bring a sense of joy and inner strength and even help heal many medical ailments. Whether you share the same beliefs or not, it is undeniable that Morganite exudes a beauty so intense that it could be called magical!

With great pleasure, we have designed an entire collection of engagement rings specifically for Morganites! We truly believe that Morganite is a beautiful and meaningful stone and could not be more perfectly suited for an engagement ring. The settings we've designed for Morganite are made of both rose gold, white gold and even black gold; some with glittering side diamond accents and some with a more simple design that let the Morganite completely take the spotlight.

If you have any questions about our Morganite Collection, please don't hesitate to ask! We can be reached at 877-376-1940 during our business hours of 9:30am - 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday or by email just about anytime at