The 5 Most Common Questions Asked When Buying an Engagement Ring

The 5 Most Common Questions Asked When Buying an Engagement Ring

On a daily basis, we speak to countless customers on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring and the perfect company from which to purchase it! We've been asked just about everything imaginable and beyond, but there are 5 questions that always top the list!

1. "How do I know you're a real company?"

Aside from jewelry questions, of course, this is why many customers actually pick up the phone to call us! The moment we answer the phone, the relief can already be heard in the customers' voices. We have been in the jewelry business for over 30 years and exclusively online since the early 2000s. Our reputation and online presence is extremely strong which has allowed us to earn thousands of reviews from our customers. We are most proud of our outstanding reputation with our customers as well as with the Better Business Bureau! We gladly provide links to our Facebook, Wedding Wire, BBB and many other online resources where countless testimonials can be read!

2. "Is your jewelry real?"

Yes, all of our jewelry is 100% genuine and made of only solid gold or platinum and the finest diamonds and gems!

Sometimes our competitive prices can prompt this question; especially from customers who have done some previous shopping in their local jewelry stores. The markup on jewelry in local stores is exponential! After all, local jewelry stores have high overhead costs for which they must compensate; the pricey rent or mortgage of their store locations, their impressive showrooms and showcases, employee commissions etc.

Another reason why we feel we are asked this question is because of the unfortunate presence of copyright infringement online. Sadly, there are companies, primarily in India and China, that continuously and illegally steal photographs of our products from our site to trick customers into buying quarter machine-quality replicas of our designs in cheap metals and fake stones. Our legal team is in constant battle with these companies that have no regard or respect for customers or the companies whose hard work they steal.

3. "How do I know I will receive my purchase safely?"

It can be nerve wracking to know that the expensive piece of jewelry you just purchased will soon be on a plane or truck with thousands of other packages on its way to your front door!

Rest assured that we ship all packages in secure, sturdy boxes that require a signature upon delivery and are 100% insured! If for any reason your purchase does not arrive, you are covered!

4. "If I don't like the item in person, can I return it?"

The answer is a simple YES! You can return your purchase for any reason at all within 30 days of its delivery! We understand that it's impossible to really tell how something in going to look, feel and fit until you actually try it on! We are happy to help in this situation with a refund or exchange.

5. "I don't know her ring size! What do I do?"

This can be tricky! We always recommend reaching out to a family member or friend on this one; they may know her ring size or be able to offer a clever idea as to how to find out!

If need be, we offer a free resizing within 6 months of your purchase! This is part of our complimentary Lifetime Warranty! Just let us know if you need it, and we will send you our shipping instructions! Resizings are typically quick and easy and can be completed in our offices within 3-7 business days after receipt!

These are not only our most common questions, but actually some of the smartest questions to ask before buying an engagement ring online. When shopping for an engagement ring, this should be your standard set of questions to ask a jeweler. The answers provided are just as essential as how to choose an engagement ring itself!