Things to Consider When Selecting The Metal, Cut and Mounting for Your Engagement Ring

Things to Consider When Selecting The Metal, Cut and Mounting for Your Engagement Ring

No matter what your personal taste, there are quite a few flawless, tasteful diamond engagement rings to choose from. You can set differently sized diamonds into many rings, both modern and classic. Here are some options to choose from in terms of diamond rings.

A Range of Metals

The first thing to consider is what kind of metal you would prefer for your ring. You can choose your metal by your favorite look or by what will best complement your complexion. Those who have a warm skin tone may look best in gold hues. Especially if you have golden tones in your hair, eyes or skin, gold metals can really set off your appearance and light up the way you look. Diamond rings can be purchased in 14k and 18k gold. Some retailers even offer rose gold, for those who prefer a blush of pink to their metals. Rose gold can look especially stunning on those with red hair.

For those who prefer silvery tones, platinum is a fantastic choice. Platinum is among the most valuable metals, and it’s also more durable than silver. This metal looks becoming on those that have cool toned complexions. If you have a lot of gray/silver flecks in your eyes, pale skin that has bluish undertones and/or hair with red highlights, you most likely have a cool complexion. Platinum offsets blues and grays beautifully, making those with cool complexions look like a million bucks. Of course, even if you just prefer the look of silver to gold, platinum is a great selection for your ring.

Various Diamond Cuts

Ring cut is another customization you can choose. Baguette cut is rectangular in shape, while princess cut is rounded or square on top, tapering to a triangular bottom. This is one of the most common diamond cuts. Round cuts are self-explanatory. There is no real rule of thumb when it comes to selecting diamond cuts. Try on different styles to see what looks best on your hand and select that way.

Different Ways to Set Your Diamond

You can set rings in a few ways. Diamond semi mount rings use a large diamond in the center with smaller diamonds surrounding to enhance the look of the largest stone. There is also the option of diamond solitaire rings, which only contain the one large stone on a band. Semi mount ring sets can be purchased in single or double-thick bands.

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