Free Lifetime Warranty

We provide a Lifetime Warranty against any and all manufacturer defects and for complimentary maintenance on fine jewelry purchased from Maintenance services covered are prong tightening, side stone replacement for stones under .05ct, polishing, cleaning, black and white rhodium reapplication and a one-time free resizing should your ring not fit perfectly upon reciept. If a ring is sized more than 2 times, it will no longer be covered by this Warranty for side stone loss or cosmetic imperfections. If you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend having your finger professionally sized either before your purchase or before sending your ring in for your one-time free resizing. Repeated sizing significantly compromises the structure of rings. Front Jewelers reserves the right to refuse warranty service and/or void a customer's warranty if it is determined that their jewelry has been abused, tampered with, modified by another jeweler, damaged by improper use or possesses excessive damage not caused by normal wear and tear. If another jeweler modifies your jewelry in any way, the Warranty on your jewelry will be automatically rendered null and void.

Shipping to us and back to you for free warranty work is not covered by Front Jewelers. You may include a return label in your package or purchase the return shipping from us when you are ready to send your ring in. Please always request updated shipping instructions before shipping any packages to Front Jewelers for warranty service.

We highly recommend that all customers obtain insurance on their jewelry to cover any exclusions to this Warranty. Please read below for clarification on what is not covered.

Front Jewelers is not an insurance company and we do not sell insurance, however, we always refer our customers to obtain a free insurance quote from A Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. You may do so by entering Jeweler Code A02093 at

If you have already purchased from us and would like your jewelry serviced, simply email us at 


What IS Covered under Front Jewelers Lifetime Warranty

  • Manufacturer Defects
  • Side Stone loss of stones under .05ct on rings sized no more than one (1) time after purchase
  • Prong Tightening
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • White Rhodium Reapplication
  • Black Rhodium Reapplication
  • Resizing within One (1) Finger Size One (1) Time within 6 months of Purchase (Gold rings only - resizings over one finger size and/or over 6 month limit will incur applicable charges necessary to safely size ring - a quote will be provided upon inspection and assessment. )


What IS NOT Covered under Front Jewelers Lifetime Warranty*

  • Resizings after 6 months of Purchase
  • Side Stone loss/replacement on rings sized more than one (1)  time after purchase
  • Jewelry that has been worked on by another jeweler
  • Jewelry that has been abused, improperly worn or possesses excessive damage not caused by normal wear and tear
  • Jewelry that has been bent or broken
  • Jewelry that has been lost or stolen
  • Lost Center Stone Replacement
  • Center Stone Damage
  • Jewelry that is made of metals not capable of being altered (Titanium)
  • Mountings sold as semi-mounts (without center stones)
  • Stone loss of over .05ct each

* Front Jewelers will always assist in any way possible with jewelry issues not covered by our Warranty. We will perform repairs and/or supply replacements promptly and invoice either the customer directly or their insurance company if applicable.