Purchasing Retail vs. Online

Over the past 7 years, online jewelry sales have been on a constant rise. There are many benefits of shopping online rather than in a local jewelry store. One major benefit is selection. Online you can browse through thousands of items instead of a few hundred at a local store.

A larger selection allows consumers more options to find their dream item. Price is another factor driving consumers to online jewelry sites. Prices are significantly lower at most online stores like Front Jewelers due to a low overhead cost, large volume of sales, and direct interaction with manufacturers. Our high volume of sales and direct interaction with manufacturers allow us to pass substantial savings on to the consumer. Front Jewelers is proud to offer high quality items at a significant discount due to these factors. Superior customer service is another benefit of purchasing online when dealing with a legitimate company. Internet sites such as ourselves go far and beyond the normal retail store seller customer interaction. We make sure to keep customers informed on their order, allowing them to track the item and know exactly when they will receive it. Once they receive it we are always here for any questions, concerns, or future purchases. We believe in providing constant contact as well as support to all of our customers. It is difficult to purchase a valuable item such as jewelry online, but if we provide unsurpassed customer service we know you will feel confident and comfortable with your transaction.